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Sculpting Spaces: Architectural Desert Dwellings for AlUla

The Royal Commission for AlUla, RCU, is launching a competition for a one-off, contemporary dwelling in the desert of the AlUla region in Saudi Arabia.

Ten architect-artist teams have been shortlisted to put forward proposals that will be exhibited in Jeddah during 21,39 Jeddah Arts, the annual art fair.

Annette Gibbons-Warren, (Acting) Cultural Planning and Governance Director, says:

"This project is very much an experiment in creativity that asks emerging architects to work with artists, drawing out their vision to conceive meaningful and functional spaces that are of and for AlUla – and we are simply delighted to be part of the 21,39 programme, one of Saudi’s most exciting art spaces. While there are currently no plans to develop these designs beyond these concepts – AlUla is a place that inspires artists to dream, and we wanted to share the creative visions of these wonderful collaborations as AlUla welcomes the world in 2020".



The UNESCO World Heritage site of Hegra at AlUla

The UNESCO World Heritage site of Hegra at AlUla